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7th Asia Pacific Gynecology and Obstetrics Congress, will be organized around the theme “Current progress and future outlook of Gynecology and Obstetrics”

Gynecology Congress 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Gynecology Congress 2020

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A doctor who is specialized in women's reproductive health is called as gynecologist. A doctor who take care for women during their pregnancy and just after the baby is born is called Obstetricians.

A specialty of medicine that has some expertise in the consideration of ladies amid pregnancy and labor and in the analysis and treatment of diseases of the female regenerative organs. It likewise works in other ladies' medical problems, for example, menopause, hormone issues, contraception (conception prevention), and barrenness called as Gynecology and Obstetrics.


  • Track 1-1Pregnancy
  • Track 1-2Postpartum period
  • Track 1-3Female Reproductive system
  • Track 1-4Childbirth
  • Track 1-5Cancer drugs

The registered nurses who are specialized in female reproductive system, and they work with women during their pregnancy, labor and delivery and provide care after childbirth.

Maternity specialists are included amid all phases of a lady's pregnancy, work and early postnatal period. Maternity care includes care of ladies amid pregnancy, work, and the baby blues period, just as consideration of the infant.

  • Track 2-1Labor and delievery
  • Track 2-2Birthing positions
  • Track 2-3Care of new born
  • Track 2-4Urgent care clinic
  • Track 2-5Hospital maternity ward

Gynecologic Oncology: committed to the treatment of patients with known or suspected malignant growth or, occasionally kind malady of a mind-boggling nature Colposcopy, devoted to patients with pre-disease of the lower genital tract including irregular Pap tests, dysplasia, condyloma, and carcinoma. Gynecologic oncology is a multidisciplinary claim to fame that facilitates numerous sorts of treatment modalities to give the best chance to treatment accomplishment against disease while limiting the potential for symptoms and toxicities.

Gynecologic oncology centers around treating diseases of the pelvis and female regenerative frameworks, including ovarian, cervical, endometrial, vulvar, and vaginal malignancies.


  • Track 3-1Ovarian cancer
  • Track 3-2Cancer drugs
  • Track 3-3Role of Imaging in Gynecologic Oncology

Hormone fixations amid early fetal advancement that may influence the kid's improvement and increment the mother's hazard for bosom and ovarian disease years after the fact are altogether influenced by maternal age, weight list and race instead of way of life, as per a Rutgers think about.


All things being equal, ladies bear selective wellbeing concerns, for example, bosom malignant growth, cervical disease, menopause, and pregnancy. Ladies endure higher heart assault passing’s contrasted with men. Sadness and tension show more much of the time among female patients. Urinary tract conditions present more frequently in females, and explicitly transmitted ailments can make more damage ladies. Among the conditions that present most every now and again in ladies, the accompanying eight ailments present significant wellbeing dangers.



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  • Track 5-1Advanced health assessment
  • Track 5-2Reproductive dynamics
  • Track 5-3Family nurse practitioner

At times tranquilizes are fundamental for the wellbeing of the pregnant lady and the embryo. In such cases, a lady should chat with her specialist or other social insurance professional about the dangers and advantages of taking the medication. Medications taken by a pregnant lady achieve the embryo essentially by intersection the placenta, a similar course taken by oxygen and supplements, which are required for the hatchling's development and improvement. As a rule, medications ought not be utilized amid pregnancy except if fundamental because many can hurt the embryo. Around 2 to 3% of all birth abandons result from medications that are taken to treat a confusion or manifestation.

  • Track 6-1Genitourinary Medicine
  • Track 6-2Psychiatry
  • Track 6-3Endometriosis

Breast cancer is brought about by a hereditary transformation in the DNA of breast cancer cells. Breast cancer is a disease that happens when cells in breast tissue change (or transform) and continue repeating. These irregular cells typically group together to shape a tumor. Breast cancer cells for the most part begins in the milk-delivering organs of the breast (called lobules) or the cylinder molded channels that convey milk from the lobules to the areola. Less frequently, malignant growth starts in the greasy and sinewy connective tissue of the breast.


  • Track 7-1Types of Breast Cancer
  • Track 7-2Breast Cancer therapies
  • Track 7-3Breast Cancer: Clinical Trials

The span of time in which at one or more offspring develops inside a woman is called pregnancy. Pregnancy is regularly separated into three trimesters. The primary trimester is from week one through 12 and incorporates origination, which is the point at which the sperm treats the egg. The period from 13 week through 28 is the second trimester. Around the center of the second trimester, development of the embryo might be felt. The time period between 29 weeks and 40 weeks is third trimester.

  • Track 8-1Sexual medicine
  • Track 8-2Family planning clinics
  • Track 8-3Care of new born

A maternal-fetal prescription authority is a specialist who enables take to mind of ladies having muddled or high-hazard pregnancies. Maternal-fetal medication doctors work together with essential obstetricians to consider ladies in danger for pregnancy inconveniences. We work with a group of profoundly gifted and achieved doctors, medical caretakers and different specialists to help guarantee a protected and sound conveyance for you and your child.


  • Track 9-1Neonatalogists
  • Track 9-2High risk pregnancies
  • Track 9-3Low risk pregnancies
  • Track 9-4Maternal morality

Reproductive health isn't just about sex. It is a piece of a comprehensive wellbeing program beginning from an early age showing esteems and understanding the life structures and physiology of their bodies. Conceptive wellbeing suggests that individuals can have a dependable, fulfilling and more secure sexual coexistence and that they have the capacity to imitate and the opportunity to choose if, when and how regularly to do as such.

Sexual and Reproductive Healthism related to different human rights, including the benefit to life, the benefit to be free from torment, the benefit to prosperity, the benefit to assurance, the benefit to preparing, and the prohibition of isolation.


  • Track 10-1sexual rights
  • Track 10-2Reproductive rights
  • Track 10-3Reproductive health

Urogynecology is a sub-division of Gynecology, and in certain nations is otherwise called Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. An urogynecologist take care of clinical issues related with infections of the pelvic floor and bladder. Pelvic floor issue influences the bladder, regenerative organs, and insides. Normal pelvic floor issue incorporates urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses and fecal incontinence. Progressively, Urogynecologists are additionally in charge of the consideration of ladies who have encountered injury to the perineum amid labor. A urogynecologist thinks about ladies with pelvic floor issue in a mix of gynecology and reconstructive medical procedure.


  • Track 11-1Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Track 11-2Urinary tract infections
  • Track 11-3Rectovaginal fistula

Reproductive Cancers are diseases that happen in the reproductive organs. They can influence the men and women. Each sort of male reproductive cancers has diverse side effects. It is critical to see a medicinal services supplier if you have any of these side effects. Note that occasionally malignant growth does not present with side effects, and that disease might be found as a lab test result that isn't ordinary. Testicular, Penile and Prostate are the most common reproductive cancers in men.


  • Track 12-1Penile Cancer
  • Track 12-2Testicular Cancer
  • Track 12-3Testings, Screening, Treatment and Diagnosis

Generally, Infertility is characterized as not having the capacity to get pregnant (consider) following one year of unprotected sex. Infertility is the failure to wind up pregnant/impregnate or convey a pregnancy to full term. There are numerous reasons for Infertility, including some that medicinal mediation can treat. A lady is considered as an infertile on the off chance that she has striven for 1 year to get pregnant and hasn't utilized anti-conception medication. A man is viewed as infertile if he has too couple of sperm or his sperm are too unfortunate to even consider combining with a lady's egg.


  • Track 13-1Infertility Evaluation and Treatment among Women
  • Track 13-2Infertility Evaluation and Management
  • Track 13-3Obesity & Surgical Management of Infertility

Absence of periods (amenorrhea), infrequent periods (oligomenorrhea), heavy periods (menorrhagia), prolapse of the uterus, bladder, or rectum, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are some gynecologic disorders. These are gynecological signs and symptoms that are required medical attention and these symptoms should not be ignored.

Cosmetic gynecology is a gathering of systems such are reality changing for women. Cosmetic gynecology is for the most part taken by the ladies after pregnancy to revive the attraction of sex. These methods are restorative in nature, are done to improve the capacity or appearance and some time for both. This methodology is likewise done to improve the close bond with the accomplice and even restores the enthusiastic soundness.